Keller Army Hospital

Project: Hospital Modernization Project
Location: West Point, New York
What We Did: Carpentry/Framing Services

Client: StructSure Projects

Scope of Work: Metal Framing, Gypsum Board, Thermal and Sound Batt Insulation, Sound Caulking, Firestopping, Rough and Finish Carpentry, Doors, Security Mesh, Wall Protection, Fire Extinguishers and X-Ray Shielding.

About This Project: The 162,000 SF Keller Hospital Renovation project was completed in 36 separate phases so that the hospital could continue to operate throughout the construction process.

A high level of project management was required to orchestrate the work.

Material deliveries were made in small batches due to storage constraints. Equipment had to be trucked in and out as needed and construction waste was carted out of the construction area in covered containers.